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Our Philosophy

A paradise of nature nurtured by trusted hands

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A qualitative and modern vineyard

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Château de Sours

Château de Sours has been cultivated since 2018 in a place closely linked to the land. In harmony we continue to preserve and valorise.

Château de Sours

Our Values


The philantropist Jack Ma

The natural charm of this environment and the potential to make it an exceptional place made the difference when I have first visited this place.

I want to go beyond the vineyard and create here a real ecosystem where human, animal and nature live in harmony. This property will be an extraordinary place, with gardens and parks where live our animals, thousands of flowers and trees. A place far from the tumult of life, an explosion of colors and refinement in the respect of nature.

Jack Ma

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Our Values


We believe in the complete balance of the different living parts of Château de Sours, inspired by nature and its way of functioning together as one whole. Permaculture, organic viticulture and a sustainable code of conduct are our ways of preserving the natural cycle that keep our estate forging ahead.

Our estate holds henhouses, beehives, bumblebees, a flourish fallows, vegetable and fruit gardens, and a lot of trees. Even some Scottish Highland cattle and Hungarian Mangalica pigs have joined the farm – all working together in harmony.

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Our Values


Being more selective and qualitative throughout the whole winemaking process, Château de Sours produces some red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines with a modern twist. The Château initiates a wind of freshness in the world of wine, pursuing innovative and different approaches to transform the ancient art of winemaking.

Our values excellence

Our Values


Our products, our environment, and estate are the result of our expertise, hard work, and excellence. Every landscape has been developed from the terroir up. Under the guidance and unique approach of our general managers Mr. and Mrs. Vercammen, Château de Sours is conscientiously arranged to maximise natural patterns and permaculture practices toward sustainable living, working and growing.